MmEEBlog Launched on GitHub!!!

Posted: July 29, 2019, 10:44 p.m.
Proud member of the ultra-ironically named "Slacker" generation here

Multimedia Everywhere, for Everyone

Isn't that the dream? Your own little YouTube, Soundcloud, and blog all in one with no censors or corporate overlords or cancer-causing comment sections? No likes except for somebody tipping you a few Satoshis anonymously, no middle school popularity games to make you depressed. Ahhh, yes, this is it. It's here. It works well.

Check it out on GitHub.

A few features of MmEEBlog:

1) Upload video and convert to different streaming formats

2) Same with audio

3) Blog with easy markdown formatting

4) Lightning Network Bitcoin tip jar (really just a link to your LAPP but hey it works!) for free and instant microtips. If you've been wanting to try out LN, here's your chance! It's awesome to send like 25 cents to someone INSTANTLY with no charge (or like 1/100th of a cent charge)

5) Ability to easily create ads or other blocks of content and place them anywhere using "Promo" object

6) Everything-to-everywhere architecture -- I really thought this through pretty well, looking at it. If you want to attach a video or podcast episode to a blog post, just start typing the one you want. Want to make an audio-only version of your video and attach it to your video node? Pictures and promos can be placed anywhere too. Each object type can stand on its own, or it can be attached to other object types with ease.

There are still some pretty big TODOs:

1) Fix the annoying issue of not auto-updating all existing users to MmEEBloggers upon installing MmEEBlog, noted in README

2) Add a live streaming video format -- I have one that kinda sorta works but it's not ready for prime time.

3) Add a gallery content type. Seems like a blog should have that.

4) Get video thumbnails working better. Right now it just grabs a random frame of the video. I'm thinking I'll grab three or four and let the user choose which one they want to use, like YouTube does.

5) Add RESTful API endpoints and more rss feeds

But the big stuff is done

It's super-stupid simple to stand up MmEEBlog. That was a big goal of this project. In the future I'll probably Dockerize it to make it even easier. Watch my GitHub for that.

If you do get your own MmEEBlog going, just grep -R CHANGEME and everything you need to do is right there. You'll want to use your own templates or make big changes to mine, I imagine. (Oh crap, there's another TODO. Forgot to finish the podcast template)

Now I'm excited to add some content to this blog

Keep watching this space, and hit that LNTip jar button if you're an early adopter and future rich person!