I decided to move the site to a bare-bones VPS and set up the stack from scratch.  All the old content is gone.  If you want to find it, try the Wayback Machine.  I'm unlikely to ever get around to importing it to the new database.

I decided to go with Python and Django for the new site.  Django is cool.  The concept of adding everything as an app is neat.  Python is kind of fun though it's quite a change from the loosey-goosey languages with which I've always worked.  Python is the skinny, buttoned-up, city slicker cousin to Perl's burly mountain man.  It's been fun getting accustomed to white space errors and things like that.  It sort of forces you to be a bit anal about your code.

Application server is Gunicorn, and the web server is Nginx.  The database is a pretty standard database.   Memcached is set up, but no fancy CDNs or anything; traffic will be light, and the performance seems pretty zippy from the U.S. even though the server is physically located in another country.

Anyway, we're still kind of "under construction" so pardon the bare-bones look of the place and any little bugs that may still exist.  Thanks for stopping by!