LN Tip Jar and Other News

Posted: July 24, 2019, 4:46 p.m.
Fractal masks are fun.

Finally got time and inspiration to code, and lots of cool stuff has been added to this blog that you can't see yet because the content has not been added: There's now an audio object/content type and podcast feed, along with a regular rss feed for the normal blog posts. Feel free to subscribe.

The video stuff is also working, but I just don't want to deal with it due to constraints on the server (I've got an el cheapo server). Also, I generally despise video content because it's a huge waste of time unless it's a how-to for something involving physical tools, and I won't be producing any content like that. I'll probably put a video up at some point just to show that I have it working.

As I've been promising, I will be releasing this multimedia blogging application (called "MmeeBlog" -- MultiMedia Everywhere, for Everyone), a true "everything to everywhere" next-gen blog that gives you your own little Wordpress, YouTube, and Soundcloud. I just need to make a few more tweaks. The biggest stumbling block at this point was actually renaming it, believe it or not. That was a deep rabbit hole of error debugging in every layer of the stack. When I went to actually enable the re-named app on the already-working site, shit broke all over the place -- in the database, the environment, and the app code. Spent a couple days stepping through those errors. I want to make it super simple for other people. A few more days, I reckon, and it will be up on my GitHub.

Another item on my TOO DUE list is adding restful API endpoints to the app so that others can integrate your content into their own apps.

The thing that really has me stoked, though, is the Lightning tip jar. I rolled my own Bitcoin server and Lightning node, funded my own channels, and stood up my own LAPP (which is actually a fork of this LAPP) to do this. I wrote the Javascript (Feel free to use it) that fetches the current price and calculates how many satoshis constitute a dollar. It works great! If you want to try out the super-cool Bitcoin Lightning Network and tip me a few satoshis, I'd really appreciate it! It was ultra-fun to figure all this stuff out and get it working. I think this sort of "like" button is vastly superior. Like me? Show me the money (even if it's just a few cents)!

I really believe the Lightning Network is the future. It's so cool to send money peer-to-peer instantly for a fee of like .00001 cents. This really could put credit card companies out of business, and the possibilities for publishers are beyond infinite (that's ironic, obviously -- nothing is beyond infinite, duh). So hit that tip jar link below this post and check it out!