Yum! Candida Auris Outbreak in Hong Kong

Posted: Nov. 3, 2020, 3:40 p.m.
The Candida auris fungus builds up in your mouth and undies.

Hong Kong is battling an outbreak of Candida Auris, a drug-resistant fungus that builds up in the oral cavity, digestive tract, skin, or vagina. It has a 30-60% mortality rate. It is believed that the outbreak is due to measures for battling the sniffles coronavirus.

So mask up! It's super duper important! Your body wants to keep all those nasty pathogens inside. Screw common sense! Listen to "the experts" and "trust science!"

By the way, science is not a religion. You're supposed to question it.

As for the "experts," I suppose we'll find out soon enough how accurate those, "Biden is up by 24%" polls are pretty soon. I wonder if anyone will say, "Gee, maybe those blow-dried morons on TV are actually lying sacks of shit" and begin to question other narratives such as the scamdemic.

One can hope.