Why MmEE Blog, you ask?

Posted: March 6, 2019
This is my favorite of the couple of fractals I've made recently. It's calming if you take the time to explore it.

Because with MmEE Blog, you control every damn thing.

Have you been on Twitter lately? InstaHo? FakeBook? Bledit? PooTube? Any corporate centralized bullshit site? They all suck. Their recommendation engines suck. Their ratings systems suck. Their content sucks. Their comment sections are toxic cesspools of the darkest depths of the human condition amplified through Marshall stacks. You know why? They are overrun with bridge dwellers paid in damp brown paper bags of cash scooted over by Uptown restaurant delivery boys, dispatched by the big money men on Madison Ave. Bridge dwellers, you know, trolls, like in that movie Schmeck or whatever...

Run your own thing, doggz. Send it out in APIs and streams. Shout out your friends. Vanquish your foes and elevate your allies without fear of mods or censors or whatever would-be thought controllers. Run. Your. Own. Shit. And send it out far and wide. That's the definition of freedom.

MmEE blog will level the playing field and bring the Internet back to its free-as-in-"beer" and free-as-in-"speech" roots. The end zone is decentralization, and we have the ultimate play to ram it through.

10-4 on "Omaha." Ready! Break!!!

Seeeet... hut!