OK, let's take this thing for a drive

Posted: March 5, 2019, 7 p.m.
Fractal masks are fun.

First post on the .01-rc version of this new blogging app I'm working on. I'm calling it MmEE Blog (Multimedia Everywhere for Everyone). Right now it's a Django app, and the idea is that anyone can just set up Django, make a few adjustments to their settings, and have their own little YouTube, Soundcloud, or Wordpress (but actually way better in a lot of ways that I'll detail in a future post). Eventually, I want it to be stored in a blockchain for true censorship resistance, but that's down the road -- not viable without users.

Just checking to see if everything falls into place where it should.


  • Deployment process is smooth as silk (using rsync for its many powerful options but Git would work just as well) -- check
  • markdown works... yup, seems to be working

  • blog posts, vids, pics and categories are all everything-to-anywhere... so far, so good.
  • users can log in and do what they need to do -- check
  • styles don't look terrible (I'm no visual designer) -- jury still out
  • no weird server errors or other such bugs in either the front end or admin interface -- jury out but seems solid

TODOs: add podcast object, set up RESTful endpoints and RSS feeds, make video encoding more painless, add some videos, pay for server, set up magic "like" button (oh yes, I have BIG PLANS FOR THE LIKE BUTTON I'm gonna next-level that shit. You'll never see corporate bullshit "like" buttons the same again after you see what I have in mind) and many more!

OK, let's add an author and picture. We'll get to videos and categories later to make sure updates can be made since sometimes that's a bit different from an initial save.

Hitting the save button, fingers crossed. Wish me luck!