Impending Trump Landslide to Be Best Thing Ever for Liberals

Posted: Nov. 3, 2020, 5:59 p.m.

As a lifelong liberal (you know, the good kind who believes in the root of the word "liberis" or freedom) who SUPPORTS social justice, choice, marijuana legalization, environmental protection, public education and OPPOSES war, I am happy that President Donald J. Trump -- a good friend of JFK Jr. who was Arkancided because he would have trounced Hillary in that NY senate race way back when -- is about to win in an epic, historical landslide against Traitor Joe Biden, the guy who used a billion taxpayer dollars to bribe the Ukrainian president (and bragged about it on video) into calling off a prosecution that would have cut off his crackhead son's $2.3 million/year no-show job, among other things.

Why am I happy? Oh, don't get me wrong -- while I find Trump entertaining at times, I despise Trump's policies, especially on energy and the environment. I am happy because I am a Big-Picture, Long-Game kind of dude. You see your next meal. I think ten moves ahead. I'm thinking about 2024.

Maybe, just maybe, this walloping will expose the mockingbird MSM and the "experts" that enable them as the lying sacks of shit that they are. Maybe, just maybe, this turd pie in the face of an electoral defeat will finally smite the worthless Democratic Party that has given us terrible candidate after terrible candidate since those bullets spattered JFK's brains all over the presidential limo.

I think we're going to get the best candidate and most transformational president since George Washington in 2024 thanks to President Donald J. Trump.

We can fix Trump's fuck ups. We can't fix the "Great Reset," "new normal" and TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT OF HUMANITY that would have happened had he not been elected.

TLDR -- I'm calling it for Trump, and even as a liberal who despises most of Trump's policies, I am glad Traitor Joe is going to the big house instead of the White House.