Aspen Institute: 30-40 Million Americans Face Eviction

Posted: Oct. 30, 2020, 10:16 a.m.

According to the Aspen Institute 30-40 million people face eviction this fall and winter. (This is old news, having been reported in August, but I'm a bit behind on my blogging and wanted to address this.)

Why is the media generating fear with this overblown virus when a very real and terrifying financial crisis threatens to kill millions? It makes no sense. You want some fear porn? Turn off the TV and keep reading.

Four or five New York Cities are about to be thrown out on the streets. Those people will have a hard time finding jobs or ever renting again thanks to the background check-crazy, Fourth Amendment-ignoring, "data-driven" hellhole that our financial and technological masters have created.

A lot of those people will jump off bridges or off themselves in other ways, but what if just ten percent of them turn to crime? Get ready for 3-4 million more desperate criminals roaming the streets because it's going to happen.

You know what else is going to happen almost simultaneously or shortly thereafter? You're going to call 911, and nobody is going to pick up the phone. States and cities are broke. New York City is already letting garbage pile up because the budget is so far out of whack. Illinois had to borrow from the Fed's emergency fund, a first in history.

OK, so you see where this is going -- people getting kicked out of their homes by the millions, garbage piling up, criminals running amok. Oh, but it gets worse, Sunshine, much worse.

You see, what this is really all about -- what it has been about since the beginning -- is a financial crisis such as the world has never seen. The scamdemic is just cover for that. Did you really think it was a coincidence that the "lockdowns" started three weeks into the worst stock market collapse in history? Do you think stores in the UK are not allowed to sell "non-essential" items because those items are more likely to carry the dreaded (fake) virus, or could there be another reason?

Let me tell you, there is another reason: the velocity of money. As you can see from the linked chart, this has fallen off a cliff since the 2008 financial crisis. Long story short: to print a whole bunch of money, you have to make sure that money does not get spent in the real economy or else you have a little problem called inflation wherein things get very expensive. This is why so many people struggled even during the "booming" economy of 2010-2019; you have to make things like college, health care, and housing very expensive so nobody has much discretionary income. We had inflation during those years, but it was masked as higher tuition, rent, and health premiums.

Mighty convenient that the virus hit just when the financial system had to have $10 trillion pumped into it, dontcha think? These lockdowns are a godsend from a central banker's perspective, quite a blessing, really.

Anyway, back to our fear porn. What happens after all those millions of people get kicked out of their homes, states and cities can no longer meet their obligations, criminals rampage in the streets with no police to stop them? Well, I think you can guess based on the explanation above of how the retarded monetary system "works."

You lose everything.

If your bank is still functioning -- which many will not -- by the time this plays out, you will find that your money does not cover your needs or barely covers your needs. That's right, Sunshine, hunger and deprivation are coming right to your front door.

That's when they'll come with the injection, promising you food if only you comply. Or maybe they'll offer you a ride to a nice camp run by the government, sequestered from the chaos of the world. When that happens, what will you do? I suggest you think about it long and hard.

Are you still afraid of the sniffles, or have I cured COVID-1984 yet?

Good luck to everyone. Learn to live without Monopoly money. Form solid bonds with your neighbors. Develop skills.